Name Position Email Telephone
Brekke, Camilla Professor camilla.brekke (at) +47 776 46297
Eltoft, Torbjørn Professor torbjorn.eltoft (at) +47 776 45184
Doulgeris, Anthony Paul Associate professor anthony.p.doulgeris (at) +47 776 45177
Dierking, Wolfgang Adjunct professor
Ferro-Famil, Laurent Adjunct professor laurent.ferro-famil (at)
Johnsen, Harald Adjunct professor harald.johnsen (at) +47 951 73353
Jones, Cathleen Adjunct professor Catheen.e.jones (at) 001-818-393-1048
Akbari, Vahid Postdoctoral research fellow vahid.akbari (at) +47 776 20819
Cristea, Anca Postdoctoral research fellow anca.cristea (at)
Johansson, Malin Postdoctoral research fellow malin.johansson (at) +47 776 20821
Skrunes, Stine Postdoctoral research fellow stine.skrunes (at) +47 776 45131
Blix, Katalin Research fellow katalin.blix (at)
Espeseth, Martine Mostervik Research fellow martine.espeseth (at)
Grahn, Jakob Research fellow jakob.grahn (at) +47 776 20830
Kræmer, Thomas Research fellow thomakra (at) +47 776 45159
Lohse, Johannes Research fellow johannes.p.lohse (at)
Myrnes, Marianne Research fellow marianne.myrnes(at)
Quigley, Cornelius Research fellow
Xu, Xu Research fellow xu.xu (at)
Yitayew, Temesgen Gebrie Research fellow tyi001 (at) +47 776 45178
Kaspersen, Kai Magne Master student
Kvamme, Arja Master student
Toennis, Jonas Master student
Lang, Wenhui Visiting researcher
Anfinsen, Stian Normann Collaborator stian.normann.anfinsen (at) +47 776 45173
Anzilotti, Stefano Collaborator san123(at)
Arienzo, Alberto Collaborator alberto.arienzo (at)
Fors, Ane Schwenke Collaborator ane.s.fors (at)
Hu, Dingsheng Collaborator dhu005 (at)
Langley, Kirsty Collaborator
Luppino, Luigi Collaborator llu025 (at)
Moen, Mari-Ann Norum Collaborator mari-ann.moen (at) +47 776 45668
Saïd, Faozi Collaborator faozi.said (at) +47 776 29400
Souissi, Boularbah Collaborator b.souissi (at)
Tao, Ding Collaborator tao.ding (at)

Sep 5, 2017
EO group seminar
An internal seminar with research presentations, plus proposal writing and Python courses. Day 1 focussed on the young scientists, while the next two days includes visiting keynote speakers. The seminar takes place in Malangen, south of Tromsø.