Several students have visited the EO lab as interns for a few weeks or months.
If you are interested in doing an internship at our group, please get in touch.

Previous interns:

  • 2018 – Jean Claude Koumi
    Custom focusing of synthetic aperture radar data for improved object detection
  • 2017 – Szymon Klepacz
    Ice / water classification in SAR images using convolutional neural networks
  • 2016 – Jeroen van Houtte
    Embedded incidence angle correction for segmentation of SAR images.
  • 2015 – Angelina Peng
    Worked on polarimetric SAR data and decompositions on full-polarimetric data from the N-ICE 2015 campaign
  • 2013 – Pierrick Herodier
    Worked on coregistration of SAR data from an experiment in Rijpfjorden
  • 2012 – Pascal Jordi
    Created a MATLAB interface to Noruts GSAR data format