PhD program

Barents Remote Sensing School (BARESS)

BARESS is a research school in earth observation and remote sensing recently established at the University of Tromsø. The objective is to increase knowledge and build up technological competence and monitoring capability to meet challenges related to climate change and sustainable resource management in the Northern region.

BARESS is affiliated with the Department of Physics and Technology, which is one of six departments within the Faculty of Science and Technology. It is a result of the close collaboration between industry, applied research institutes, educational and governmental authorities in Tromsø through Tromsø Centre for Remote Technology.

The research school will organize and coordinate education at Ph.D. level in science and technological diciplines of relevance to earth observation, and constitute a stimulating research environment for students and staff. The research will address topics ranging from theoretical studies of sensor physics, physical and statistical modelling, and advanced signal processing, to retrieval algorithms, data fusion and system integration. Applications are within monitoring of the Earth surface, oceans and atmosphere.

BARESS intends to frequently organize workshops and seminars where national and international leading experts will be invited to lecture. Here students will get the possibility to discuss their research projects with experts in the field. The seminars and workshops will be publically announced and open to qualified participants.

The research school wants to become an arena for national and international collaboration in the field of earth observation and remote sensing, and invites institutions with similar educational programmes to collaborate, for example with student exchange.

Positions in the research school are funded partly by University resources and partly by external funds. The external funding is provided by: