Welcome to the EO lab

The Earth Observation Laboratory is a research unit within the Department of Physics and Technology at UIT The Arctic University of Norway. We conduct research in the field of satellite remote sensing applied to earth observation. Our main focus is on analysis of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images and development of image analysis tools based on polarimetry, advanced statistics, pattern recognition and signal processing. We also have activities in machine learning applied to optical images.

The current staff is one full professor and three associate professors whose research activities concentrate fully on earth observation and remote sensing. The research group also has two adjunct professors. The lab further consists of three postdoctoral fellows and eight research fellows (Ph.D. students) plus master students.

We lecture master level courses on earth observation and remote sensing that are open to students on two study programmes: M.Sc. in electronic engineering and M.Sc. in energy and environment in the North. To be qualified for the master projects and Ph.D. positions we offer, these courses should ideally be supplemented with some of the following: signal processing, statistical signal theory, image processing, pattern recognition, or detection theory. We also offer Ph.D. level courses and exchange programs through Barents Remote Sensing School.

The INTPART Sea Ice Field School 2017, is just back from the ice edge at 80 degrees north. Group photo from Ny Ålesund 23.May.2017. Photo: Lawrence Hislop.
Contact Info
University of Tromsø
Department of Physics and Technology
Earth Observation Laboratory
NO-9037 Tromsø
Tel: +47 776 45150
Fax: +47 776 45580
Visiting address
Technology Building
Klokkargårdsbakken 35
NO-9037 Tromsø, Norway
Head of group
Prof. Camilla Brekke
camilla.brekke (at) uit.no
Tel: +47 776 46297
All vacant positions are advertised through jobbnorge.no. For example, a search for academic posts at UiT within earth observation is linked here Also check the news column (left).